Sterilization Products

Flat Sterilization Roll Pouches Reel

1. Make from medical papers and the thin film (medical paper) through the high temperature craft.

2. The length of each roll can reach 200meters, when use takes length wilfully, facilitates and practical

3. With change-color instruction, the antiseptic condition is clear

4. uses the side explosion-proof design, guarantees the security of antiseptic

Adapts the antiseptic way:ETO, STEAM

Hospital, outpatient service antiseptic packing, cosmetology thing before use disinfection; laboratory thing antiseptic packing; family high temperature disinfection packing.

Code Size Packing
GD50200 50mm×200m 12reels/Ctn
GD55200 55mm×200m 12reels/Ctn
GD75200 75mm×200m 8reels/Ctn
GD10200 100mm×200m 6reels/Ctn
GD15200 150mm×200m 4reels/Ctn
GD20200 200mm×200m 2reels/Ctn
GD25200 250mm×200m 2reels/Ctn
GD30200 300mm×200m 2reels/Ctn
GD35200 350mm×200m 2reels/Ctn
GD40200 400mm×200m 2reels/Ctn



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