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Perineal Cold Pack

Perineal Cold Pack
To Activate:
1.Do not remove the pack from the bag prior to activating.
2.Fold the product in half top to bottom, lining up arrows, until the inner water bag ruptures.
3.Shake to thoroughly mix the chemicals and water.
4.Remove from the bag.
5.Apply to undergarment.

For external use only. Harmful if swallowed. If accidentally swallowed, give several glasses of water and contact your local poison control center immediately. Do not puncture, strike or step on bag. Should contents become exposed to skin or eyes,flush with water immediately and call a physician. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, Consult a physician before using on sensory impaired individuals. Do not refrigerate or freeze to reuse. Check patient regularly during product use. If a pack is leaking, discard immediately . Keep away from extreme heat and open flame.Single use only. Discard after use.

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate and Water.
Contains less than 28% nitrogen.

Protect from freezing, avoid excessive heat. 

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