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Cooling Gel Sheet for Fever

Cooling Gel Sheet is made up with hydrophilic and macromolecule material and natural plant essence. So you will feel pleasant cooling and refreshing.
The high quality breath freely non woven as its backing material, can reduce the temperature through laying the skin directly.

Major component:
Hydrophilic and macromolecule material, mint, ice sheet, water

Easy cooling when fever toothache, headache, sunburn or refreshment from study, work, etc. Because it adheres to the forehead and does not displace/slid down, even if the wearer turns in bed. Cooling effects persists for 8 hours per sheet.

Applicable People:
Children, Adult and infants

Direction for use:
Remove transparent film and tightly affix the cooling surface to desired portion. In order increase the speed of the cooling, would stick several sheets on the affected area1 to 3 sheets per day.

Cooling effects: Refresh, Disperses heat, Absorbs heat .

50mm x 120mm  ,  40mm x 100mm   ,   40mm x 70mm

Patches in aluminium  bag,  bags in outerbox, boxes in carton

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