Detox Patches

Natural Bamboo Crystal foot plaster (Detox Foot pad)

Natural Bamboo Crystal foot plaster's ingredients,health care functions and usage

Refined Natural bamboo powder,loquat leaf,Hout tuynia cordata,Brazilian mushrooms,tourmaline,chitosan in deep sea,and etc.

[Health care functions]
The discomforts brought by microcirculation obstacle which is caused by toxins, wastes and fat sediment in human body .
1.   Smooth venation and open points, eliminate toxins, protect skins, develop metabolism and speed blood circulation.
2.   Improve the microcirculation of face, clear up fleck, remove wrinkles, cleanse blood wastes. Weed out free radical, reduce heavy metal in body, smooth your facial skin.
3.   Speed up body metabolism. Absorb the extra oil, regulate blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar.
4.   Improve dysmenorrheal, body cold physical obstacle, abdomen descending.
5.   Reduce headache, tiredness, blackout, insomnia, anorexia, astriction, dreaminess, decay of memory and etc.
6.   Get rid of rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pains, leg pains and stiffness, growth of bone tissue, parenchyma sprain and joint wrench and etc.
7.   Improve chest stuffy, short breath, asthma, bronchitis and etc slow disease.


[Suitable for the crowd]
Unhealthy crowd ,Microcirculation crowd ,White-collar crowd ,Elderly population ,Beauty crowd etc.


Not edible, not tearing open powder packets; Babies of pregnant women banned, not affixed to the skin and eye injury wound site.


1.Affixed two foot plasters to feet's plantar split the corresponding acupuncture points before the sleep,
 then tear it off and throw into garbage bags, when you woke up the next day.

2.use steps :
Step 1: 

Clean your feet with warm water . Open the package of products, take out the Fixing  Adhesive Sheets and the Bamboo powder Bags.

Step 2:

Peel the wide face of the back side of this product, then put the side that has words of the Natural Bamboo powder Bag on central authority of the Sheet .

Step 3:

Affixed the composite of the "step 2" to plantar split the corresponding acupuncture points or body's other location that need health care . 
The side without words of the Natural Bamboo powder Bag touch skin.

Step 4:

Affixed two foot plasters to feet’s plantar split the corresponding acupuncture points before the sleep, then tear it off and throw into garbage bags, when you woke up the next day.

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