Sterilization Products

Autoclave paper bags

1. Make from medical papers and the specialized glue water , nature degrade after the use

2. The products assume the three-dimensional shape to increase the volume, reduces the packing cost effectively

3. uses heat-sealing machines to facilitate the fast seal

4. With change-color instruction, the antiseptic condition is clear

Adapts the antiseptic way: ETO, STEAM

Uses:Each kind of medical material, instrument antiseptic packing; Family high temperature disinfection packing

Code Size Packing
LT001 70mm×40mm×250mm 1000pcs/Ctn
LT002 90mm×50mm×250mm 1000pcs/Ctn
LT003 90mm×50mm×160mm 1000pcs/Ctn
LT004 125mm×50mm×250mm 1000pcs/Ctn
LT005 140mm×75mm×260mm 1000pcs/Ctn
LT006 140mm×50mm×340mm 500pcs/Ctn
LT007 250mm×100mm×380mm 500pcs/Ctn

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